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Hi, I am Nitin Narkhede Alias Nits,

I am On a Mission to Transform 100 K People's Life to Live a prosperity Lifestyle with Wealth, Health , Happiness & spirituality

 I was taught since my child hood that to earn Money you need to work Hard.  After 30 Years of Hard work  I was able to sustain my job and earn Salary every month

This compel me to Think about why some people work so hard and do not get what they want in Life so easily , Where as Why some people do very small or little work and they can live Prosperity Life style.

In last 5 Years I have read 100's of books on Finance, Wealth, Personal & Professional Development. and found the answers to most of my questions.

In Last One Year I have Developed Prosperity Framework. II I have also developed a easy 6 step formula to Implementing this  in our personal Life.

I have developed tools , Techniques and Checklists for Easy implementation in life.

If you resonate with this idea, then I would like to personally invite you to my next live masterclass, where I will decode my "Prosperity Lifestyle Model" system that's helping People in Designing their own Life and Live the Life they Love,


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I have started my carrier 1 year back. I had lot of dreams before completing my education. after 1 year and being with colleagues, I do not know whether I will be able to fulfill my dream lifestyle in next 5 Years . After Joining This community I am pretty clear how to create my Dream Lifestyle. I am on my wy to Success.

Rajeev Taltale

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Prosperity Lifestyle Model ( Silver)

3 Day Online Training Course on Prosperity Lifestyle .Learn 6 Secrets and 6 Steps formula to understand the Concepts and Learn to create your own Lifestyle Blueprint. This program is Step by step Methodical Training program to Create and Implement the Ready to use templates.  


I am Fashion Designer by profession. I have started y Studio 3 Years back after working with Various renowned Fashion Designers. I have a dream of living a  Lifestyle with freedom . I want to roam around the world and learn new style. after 3 years of struggle I was not happy with the progress. I attended one of the free webinar on prosperity Lifestyle, I liked the Training and methods. After Joining the Prosperity Lifestyle Model I am on my path to My dream life. I have already explored 2 countries and planning to do more . I have my Life Plan ready. for next 25 years .  

Seema Chandru

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Pradeep Singh

I am IT Professional working in an MNC. I have a dream of Living a Lifestyle of My dream, I have tried may investment options till now I am not able to achieve Financial Freedom after 10 years of investments. I was complete resigned . After Joining Prosperity Lifestyle Community I immediately upgraded to Diamond level . Now I am on Level 6 of the Prosperity model. I will achieve my Financial freedom in next 2 Years. I am 

Pradeep Singh

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